Address of the company in Kharkov

Company: "Plast Print"

Address: 61140, Kharkov, Gagarin ave., 43, sec. 2, of. 6

Address: 61001, Kharkov, Marshala Koneva srt., 21

Phone: (057) 751-80-71

Fax: (057) 751-80-61



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Address of the company in Kiev

Company: Plast Print

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polevaya str.,21, fl.2, of. 214

Phone: +38(044) 360-40-32

Fax: +38(044) 360-68-18




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production of_plastic_cards

About the company

"Plast Print" – is a dynamic company operating in the market since 2004. Manufacture of plastic cards is our specialization. It allows us to devote more attention to specific printed products, introduce new technologies, conduct a competent pricing policy that directly affects the increase the number of loyal customers and attract new customers.

Company annually increases the volume of production of plastic cards, updates equipment and introduces new technology. Since the establishment of the company the production capacity of card printing by offset printing didn’t exceed 120,000 cards per year.


Plastic cards

Plastic cards is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers for your business and creating a circle of regular customers. Cards have gained popularity due to their universal qualities, durability and aesthetics.

Cards manufacturing technologies are constantly being improved, thereby expanding their scope of use.

The species of widespread for today cards completely satisfy the needs of any business. Nowadays, the cards have become the significant instrument for attracting the clients in trade and service industries.

Our company provides a full range of services in manufacturing and personalization of plastic cards for any purpose.


Types of plastic cards

Plastic cards are the same attribute of any successful business, they are used everywhere and is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the wide range of species and production technologies, we can produce plastic cards, perfectly appropriate destination and perform necessary tasks.


Production of plastic cards

Production of cards

The company "Plast Print" offers the manufacturing of plastic cards for different purposes, technologies and methods of printing images personalization of cards. Technical equipment of the enterprise, allows credit cards that meet the standards of quality and are able to satisfy the most demanding customer.


Materials for plastic cards

Materials for the cards

The basic material for the manufacture of plastic cards is plastic. Different manufacturing techniques, uses a different plastic. In addition to differences in composition, color, size pieces - plastic card can have varying degrees of readiness for further processed.


Our advantages

The advantages of placing an order to the company "Plast Print"

  • Printing of free sample cards
  • Supply of materials for the plastic cards production
  • Printing on the blanks of the Customer
  • Free delivery of the order in Kiev and all over the Ukraine, starting from 100 pieces
  • Regular customers and advertising agencies have discounts


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