Address of the company in Kharkov

Company: "Plast Print"

Address: 61140, Kharkov, Gagarin ave., 43, sec. 2, of. 6

Address: 61001, Kharkov, Marshala Koneva srt., 21

Phone: (057) 751-80-71

Fax: (057) 751-80-61



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Address of the company in Kiev

Company: Plast Print

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polevaya str.,21, fl.2, of. 214

Phone: +38(044) 360-40-32

Fax: +38(044) 360-68-18




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production of_plastic_cards

Materials for plastic cards

The material for the manufacture of plastic cards is that the top is covered with laminated or varnished. Plastic card, ideal for intensive use of permanent, this stuff looks prezentablno, it is convenient and durable.

Modern technology has made it possible to print on plastic in different ways. Thus, the patterning offset and further spraying will convey the brightness, saturation of colors. A combination of offset printing with lamination makes the map not only colorful and shiny, but also protects it from mechanical damage.

The plastic card is perfect for sublimation printing - ink on a card made in this way, there will always be as vivid as the first day.

Printing on plastic is only the highest quality, robust materials that will cope with the tasks and maintain a presentable appearance for a long time.


Our advantages

The advantages of placing an order to the company "Plast Print"

  • Printing of free sample cards
  • Supply of materials for the plastic cards production
  • Printing on the blanks of the Customer
  • Free delivery of the order in Kiev and all over the Ukraine, starting from 100 pieces
  • Regular customers and advertising agencies have discounts

Inlei with chips

Inlei with chips

Inlei - English Inlay - the inner layer. In the process of making maps inlei laid down in this order: laminate ? plastic face ? inlei ? plastic turnover ? laminate. Ease of i...

PVC plastic sheet for inkjet p…

PVC plastic sheet for inkjet printing

PVC plastic sheet for inkjet printing on one side has a special layer (paymer), which is applied to the image. Due to the special characteristics paymera ink does not sprea...

Laminate overlay

Laminate overlay

In order for the plastic card does not lose its presentability for a long time that it withstood all the force majeure and multiple trips out of the bag at an ATM or a termina...