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Company: "Plast Print"

Address: 61140, Kharkov, Gagarin ave., 43, sec. 2, of. 6

Address: 61001, Kharkov, Marshala Koneva srt., 21

Phone: (057) 751-80-71

Fax: (057) 751-80-61



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Company: Plast Print

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polevaya str.,21, fl.2, of. 214

Phone: +38(044) 360-40-32

Fax: +38(044) 360-68-18




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production of_plastic_cards

Laminate overlay

Laminate overlayIn order for the plastic card does not lose its presentability for a long time that it withstood all the force majeure and multiple trips out of the bag at an ATM or a terminal and back, from pocket to pocket, hands, and there is a universal protection - laminate.

Choice of laminate for the manufacture of cards depends on the production technology. The most common manufacturers use the so-called overlay - laminated on one side which is applied a thin layer of glue.

This adhesive layer simplifies the process of combining layers of plastic card and strengthens the connection surfaces. In the process of making standard plastic cards used laminate of 80 microns, but depending on the wishes of the customer can be selected material density of 60 microns or 100 microns.

For the manufacture of plastic identification and other documents requiring a high level of protection, recently manufacturers have started using a holographic overlay, which is practically impossible to counterfeit, as it requires high-tech equipment.

Laminate comes most often in the form of plates A3, A4, A6, but it happens and in rolls.

  • Inkjet printing - a thin, transparent laminate with adhesive-coated
  • For offset printing - laminate with reinforced adhesive (Strong Laminating Film)
  • For digital print - laminate with an adhesive coating, specialized for Igen-3, HP Indigo

Growing in popularity and relatively new type of laminate - with a magnetic strip. This product simplifies the process of making maps, combining in one of two independent processes: lamination and personalization. Available as an overlay nizkokoertsitivny and vysokokoertsitivny, depending on the requirements for a plastic card.


Our advantages

The advantages of placing an order to the company "Plast Print"

  • Printing of free sample cards
  • Supply of materials for the plastic cards production
  • Printing on the blanks of the Customer
  • Free delivery of the order in Kiev and all over the Ukraine, starting from 100 pieces
  • Regular customers and advertising agencies have discounts


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Inlei with chips

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Laminate overlay

Laminate overlay

In order for the plastic card does not lose its presentability for a long time that it withstood all the force majeure and multiple trips out of the bag at an ATM or a termina...