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Company: "Plast Print"

Address: 61140, Kharkov, Gagarin ave., 43, sec. 2, of. 6

Address: 61001, Kharkov, Marshala Koneva srt., 21

Phone: (057) 751-80-71

Fax: (057) 751-80-61



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Company: Plast Print

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polevaya str.,21, fl.2, of. 214

Phone: +38(044) 360-40-32

Fax: +38(044) 360-68-18




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production of_plastic_cards

Cards with fixed personalization

Cards with fixed personalizationPersonalization of plastic cards in some cases necessary and can not do without it.

Among the many ways to personalize plastic cards, there are those that can be changed if necessary (information stored on a microchip, for example) and those that can not be changed.

By the immutable methods of personalization of plastic cards include widely used in today's technology:

Ways to personalize plastic cards

Embossing — alphanumeric text, printed on the surface of the extruded plastic card.

Скретч-покрытие — in addition, that inflicted a scratch-band data (which can be both letters and numbers), you can not change, the very protective coating after abrasion can not be restored.

Alphanumeric method — coating the surface of the card number or serial number of the text using the method of printing or laser engraving.

Microtext — used as an additional degree of protection of a plastic card and a letter grade and numeric information only discernible at multiple magnifications.

Bar code — can be applied by ink jet or laser engraving, offset printing, the dye-sublimation printer. Contains an encrypted letter and the digital information. Usually printed on white, at least - on a red background (red background prevents illegal copying).

Photographic — photo of the owner of a plastic card, stamped with digital or offset printing.

Ultraviolet images — applied to increase the security of a plastic card from illegal copying. We see such an image only when the UV highlights. In daylight, drawings and inscriptions are not visible.

Personalization - one of the most important stages of the production of plastic cards that runs during the printing process after the production of specialized equipment. Given that every single method by itself guarantees a fairly high degree of protection, yet the most commonly used complex patronage by several methods. Naturally, the more ways to personalize involved in the manufacture of plastic cards, the lower the risk of counterfeit.


Our advantages

The advantages of placing an order to the company "Plast Print"

  • Printing of free sample cards
  • Supply of materials for the plastic cards production
  • Printing on the blanks of the Customer
  • Free delivery of the order in Kiev and all over the Ukraine, starting from 100 pieces
  • Regular customers and advertising agencies have discounts


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Cards with fixed personalization

Cards with fixed personalization

Personalization of plastic cards in some cases necessary and can not do without it. Among the many ways to personalize plastic cards, there are those that can be changed if necessary (in...

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