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Company: "Plast Print"

Address: 61140, Kharkov, Gagarin ave., 43, sec. 2, of. 6

Address: 61001, Kharkov, Marshala Koneva srt., 21

Phone: (057) 751-80-71

Fax: (057) 751-80-61



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Company: Plast Print

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Polevaya str.,21, fl.2, of. 214

Phone: +38(044) 360-40-32

Fax: +38(044) 360-68-18




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EmbossingEmbossing - one of the most frequently used methods for personalization of plastic cards, consisting of extrusion on the surface of alphabetic and numeric information.

The operation is performed in a special embossing device - embosser.

For better visualization of the characters are painted extruded contrasting paint - this is called tipping, or tipped. Usually performed tipping silver or gold foil, a plastic card that gives a more solid look.

When embossing uses standard fonts 4.5 mm - 3.5 mm, and a large - small. Large font is used for extrusion of numeric characters 0 through 9, the small font typed literal Latin and Cyrillic characters, as well as signs: . , ’ - / &. Permissible line length for 4.5 mm font - 20 characters including spaces, for 3.5 mm font - 30 characters including spaces.

Requirements for the indentation for embossing the following: at least 5 mm from the edge of the map, at least 3 mm to any other type of personalization (magnetic stripes, scratch-off coating of the signature).

You should also think carefully about the design of the card back, since embossing is characterized not only the text from the convex side of the face, but also depressed on the back.

When designing the maps should take this into account, and have written information on both sides of the card so that it is not superimposed on the area of embossing.

Embossed plastic cards such elements:

  • serial number
  • holder of personal data (surname, first name)
  • period of the credit card
  • data organization that issued the card

The advantages of plastic card embossing

  • it is beautiful, stylish and solidly
  • is a highly reliable method of personalization
  • it allows for the consideration given and accepted for payment by plastic cards print the card number on a special slip

Our advantages

The advantages of placing an order to the company "Plast Print"

  • Printing of free sample cards
  • Supply of materials for the plastic cards production
  • Printing on the blanks of the Customer
  • Free delivery of the order in Kiev and all over the Ukraine, starting from 100 pieces
  • Regular customers and advertising agencies have discounts


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Embossing - one of the most frequently used methods for personalization of plastic cards, consisting of extrusion on the surface of alphabetic and numeric information. The oper...

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