Company history

The date of foundation of the company “Plast Print” is January 2004.

At the time of the company consisted of eight officers and production housed in less than 40 sq.m. In the department there were only 2 sales manager, working with clients. Six months later, the production of plastic cards has increased by several times.

The increase in production served as the impetus for the purchase of new equipment capable of producing plastic cards that meet high quality standards.

The result of this work has been to increase production volumes, increase in the number of employees. In the company came to specialists with high qualifications in the production of plastic cards.

The company "Plast Print"

“Plast Print” – a dynamic company operating in the market since 2004. Manufacture of plastic cards – our specialization. It allows you to devote more attention to specific print products, introduce new technologies, to conduct a competent pricing policy that directly affects the increase in the range of loyal customers and attract new customers.

Annually increase the volume of production of plastic cards, updated equipment, introducing new technology. Since the inception of the company production capacity card printing offset does not exceed 120,000 cards per year.

The figure of 240 000 cards we have in 2005, and first in 2009 8.4 million. To date, the amount of products continues to grow.

The increase in production, the authority of the company depends primarily on our customers and we value their trust.

For regular customers there is a cost-effective system of discounts, free delivery in Ukraine.

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